Cuqui's Journey

About Cuqui's Artisan Greeting Cards

I derive much of my inspiration from memories and my cultural background. Born and raised in Mexico I was surrounded by richness of colour, alluring and enchanting sights of Mother nature, and the warm and whimsical creativity of the pueblo. My creations emerge from a moment, an image, a quote, a feeling… an experience that brings forth a desire to add beauty to our world.

 I know there are people in your life, just as in mine, who have been by your side unconditionally, uplifting, supporting and cheering you on. Our journey is and has been lovingly amplified by these relationships.

My intention with each of these cards is to raise this energy of connection that happens between us.

When I make a card, a sensation of knowing arises. It is a knowing that somebody is going to be holding that card, which is being given to them by someone with a specific intention, whatever it might be. Every time my cards are able to help forge a deeper connection between two people, it contributes to the healing of the world.

I will never know all the stories, and yet I know that every card gifted increases the vibration of Love, Kindness and Peace in our universe.